Recently, one of our members, Fred Cordova, was off duty and attending church services at St. Anastasia Church in Newtown Square, PA. During the service, another member of the congregation began to exhibit signs and symptoms of cardiac arrest. Using his years of EMS experience, Fred quickly called for the Automated External Defibrillator and began resusitation attempts as other members present called 911 for assistance. Due to Fred Cordova’s prompt recognition of the severity of the event and quick action in application and use of an AED, the patient was resusitated and taken by EMS to the hospital. During our Monday, Feb 13,2012 training session, the Delaware County Firemans’ Association requested permission to present an award to Fred Cordova. Chief Joseph Locke discribed Fred’s actions, complimented him on his actions and presented him with a plaque. Photos were taken with the three representatives, Fred and Lt. Barb Smith. Photos from the presentation can be found here
Springfield Ambulance Corps