On Saturday, May 14th, the Springfield Ambulance Corps hosted Mega Saturday, a continuing education event. The morning started off with a continental breakfast and classes in OB Emergencies and Cardiac Emergencies taught by Amy Goodwin. Paramedic Gerry Egan demonstrated the use of CPAP. Mike Goodwin then discussed the treatment of burns and blast injuries. Following the morning’s classes, attendees enjoyed a delicious, catered lunch provided by Lia’s Catering. Dessert included an exceptional chocolate cake that got everyone ready for the afternoon session: Trauma Skills Workshop. In the Trauma Skills Workshop, members were presented with a variety of scenarios and given the chance to show their stuff. Entering the first station, responders were greeted with a patient complaining of chest pain. Their patient had enjoyed a delicious Italian dinner and the company of the girls from the nursing home with the assistance of “some little blue pills” before being overcome by the pain. The patient quickly deteriorated into cardiac arrest. Crews were able to show their understanding of the 2010 CPR guidelines. The second station allowed members to show their expertise with the Segar and Hare traction splints. At the third station, members had a chance to apply the Kendrick Extrication Device, or KED. A few brave souls played the role of patient actor and allowed other members to practice a standing takedown maneuver with the longboard. Thank you to everyone who made the day a huge success! We look forward to continuing to offer similar programs in the future! A very special thank you to St. Kevin Parish Community and Reverend John C. Moloney, for the use of their Parish Life Center!
Springfield Ambulance Corps