On Monday, July 5th, Springfield Ambulance Corps participated in the annual Fourth of July festivities.   The morning started off with the annual Volunteer Memorial Wall dedication.  Each year 11 different volunteer organizations within Springfield Township honor individuals for their exemplary service to their respective organizations and to Springfield Township.  Every five years, the Volunteer Memorial Committee allows organizations to recognize two individuals from each organization.  The honorees are added to the Volunteer Memorial Wall located at Powell Road and Saxer Avenue inside Springfield Volunteer Memorial Field. This year, Springfield Ambulance was proud to honor Ed Gottwig and Kay Gottwig for the exemplary service to the Springfield Ambulance Corps.  The husband and wife team have both been members for Springfield Ambulance Corps for over twenty years and have collectively answered over 7000 calls during that time. Ed Gottwig was raised in Springfield Township and graduated from Springfield High School.  Ed was a Board of Director for 20 years, of which, 6 years were served as the President.  He currently serves as the Lieutenant of the Saturday Night crew answering calls for help from 7pm Saturday night til 7am Sunday morning each week. Kay Gottwig has been a member of Springfield Ambulance Corps for 23 years.  Kay served on the Board of Directors for 20 years, where she served as Secretary, House Director, Scheduling Director and Membership Director.  Kay was also an original member of the Springfield Volunteer Memorial Wall Committee representing Springfield Ambulance Corps.  Kay has also been a CPR instructor for 20 years and has taught many classes within the community. Ed and Kay Gottwig currently reside in Springfield Township and have been married for 38 years.  They are the proud parents of three daughters and are the grandparents of five grandchildren. The Membership of Springfield Ambulance Corps is proud to recognize the exemplary service of these two individuals.  Springfield Ambulance Corps is honored to have Ed and Kay Gottwig as our honorees to the Springfield Volunteer Memorial Wall for 2010. After the ceremony, Springfield Ambulance Corps participated in the annual Fourth of July parade with Ambulance 44-7 and 44-7A.  Once the parade ended our members had their day interrupted, as they are accustomed to, by answering calls for help within Springfield Township. Springfield Ambulance Corps hopes that all residents of Springfield Township had a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July.  Happy Birthday America!!
Springfield Ambulance Corps